COVID VACINE BOTTLE COIN 2021 Fiji 60 Grams Silver Plated Bottle Shaped Coin

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Mark The COVID-19 Pandemic With A Little Shot Of Silver

The COVID-19 Pandemic that has run roughshod over our lives since 2020 appears to be finally easing. Much of the credit for people everywhere being able to begin returning their lives back to normal must go to the various vaccines that have helped blunt the spread of infections and reduce hospitalizations for those who have tested positive for the dreaded virus.

Now you can pay tribute to the brilliant scientists and medical professionals who spent long days and nights tirelessly working to discover effective vaccines with his legal-tender coin that is struck in the shape of a vaccine-carrying vial. Whether it was Johnson & Johnson, Moderna or Pfizer; people everywhere anxiously waited for the vaccinations to be developed — all fast-tracked and given top priority by governments around the world!

Released on behalf of the South Pacific Ocean island nation of Fiji, this legal-tender $1 coin was struck in a 60-grams of zinc alloy and then generously plated with gleaming silver. The top or reverse of the finely crafted, vial-shaped coin shows blue enamel of the earth and an inscription that reads “Victory Belongs To Us.” The bottom or obverse of the coin shows the Fiji Coat of Arms, date, and denomination. Along the side of the coin is an inscription that reads: COVID-19 coronavirus Vaccine.

The maximum limited edition for this 2021 Fiji $1 Covid Vaccine-Shaped Sliver Plated Coin has been set at 100,000 and each one available here comes with its original mint packaging that consists of a Mint-issued Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a passport and a Do-It-Yourself stamp. Mark the COVID-19 Pandemic with a little shot of silver and order one of these interesting mementos to an historic moment in world history.


Mintage: 100,000
Material: Base Metal (Silver Plated)
Weight: 60 Grams
Diameter: 40 x 19 mm
Face Value: $1.00