Star Wars R2-D2 C3PO 2023 Great Britain 50p 8gm Silver Colorized Coin NGC 69 FR

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2023 Great Britain 50p 8gm Silver Star Wars R2-D2 and C3PO Colorized Coin NGC 69 FR

These ARE the droids you’re looking for—and for the first time ever they appear on official legal-tender coins of the United Kingdom! It’s the fussy protocol droid C-3PO™ together again with R2-D2™ the astromech droid that never says a word yet conveys a world of emotion through just a few bleeps and whistles. Together they’re featured on this coin from the first-ever officially licensed Star Wars™ coins struck by Great Britain’s prestigious Royal Mint.

Everyone’s Favorite Droids—In Full Color!

Here you can secure the colorized 50p (50 pence pounds) legal tender coin struck in eight grams of highly pure 92.5% Sterling silver. This gleaming coin—the only silver Proof in the Royal Mint’s Star Wars collection to feature a color-printed design—shows the two droids from the original Star Wars films on board the Millennium Falcon speeding off to some new adventure that’s sure to flabbergast C-3PO and provide R2-D2 with yet another chance to save the day. The coin also features a special lenticular feature unique to this character duo.

In the world of Star Wars, there is an endless supply of rough and tumble renegades—rebels that fly by the seat of their pants and play by their own rules. And if you’re a fan, you know that C-3PO is not one of them. In fact, 3PO is about as by-the-book as you can get, programmed to assist in the finer points of etiquette. However, while he can be a bit of a killjoy, he is a fluent translator and expert communicator. And, when it counts, he can be just as heroic and swashbuckling as the rest of the rebels! As for R2-D2, Star Wars creator George Lucas said that the waist-high, blue, white, and chrome droid must save the day at least once in every movie—and he hasn’t let us down yet!

  • Just 12,500 of these coins are available 
  • Struck in 925 sterling silver and finished to Proof standard  
  • The only silver Proof in the Star Wars™ collection to feature a colour-printed design 
  • This edition is also the only coin in the range to come presented in an acrylic block 
  • The reverse of the coin has a special lenticular feature unique to this character duo 
  • A licensed product produced in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm
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R2-D2 C3PO
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