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About us

Our Story

Elite Coinage Co. was founded in April of 2018, but our team’s history creating and distributing numismatic products dates back much further. Since 2007, we have been involved in the collectibles industry, and take a great deal of pride in our ability to deliver the types of high-value, premium-quality products that collectors love.

From the very beginning, we have focused on three core values:

1. Technological Innovation:

In our industry, security is important. A coin or gold note that can be easily counterfeited is useless. That’s why we always remain on the cutting-edge, and bolster our collector’s items with the latest security features, giving our products the same protection as federal coinage and banknotes! 

2. Industry-Leading Quality

At the end of the day, nobody wants to collect something boring or bland. That’s why Elite Coinage Co. always goes the extra mile to ensure that everything we create is aesthetically pleasing and premium quality. We’re authorized with the world’s top grading services (NGC, CGC, PMG, PCGS)

3. Respected Partnerships

We maintain great relationships with some of the industry's top vendors, as well as many government and private mints. Currently, we are the only numismatic company partnered with the USA’s leading high-security printer. We also work with Disney/ABC, Brinks, eBay, Amazon, and more.  

Bridging the Gap Between Collectors, & Fans

From sports cards to comic books to pop culture memorabilia, there has always been a major overlap between collectors and the entertainment industry. 

Here at Elite Coinage Co., we’re committed to making collecting an easier, more accessible hobby for fans of popular entertainment franchises. To make this happen, our trailblazing product visionaries focus on 5 unique components:


By merging these with our numismatic expertise and longstanding commitment to technological innovation, we have created something exciting…and entirely brand new:

High-Security Franchise-Themed Gold Note Collectibles

From Golden Girls to Dancing with the Stars, we’ve turned America’s favorite entertainment properties into valuable gold-infused notes that can be enjoyed by fans and collectors alike. 

As active and trusted vendors in the industry, we love distributing officially licensed collectibles in a way that takes the complexity out of the hobby for franchise fans and look forward to continuing this legacy for years to come.