2024 Barbados BLUE MARBLE Glow in the Dark Planet Earth 5 Oz Silver Coin Jubilee

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2024 Barbados BLUE MARBLE Glow in the Dark Planet Earth 5 Oz Silver Coin $5 Jubilee Edition

This amazing 5 Oz Silver coin, with its peculiar weight, celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the Blue Marble series! The coin has Antique Finish quality, a wonderful spherical shape, it is realized with a translucent blue Enamel capable of glowing in the dark. It also has Gold and Rose Gold plating and a selective green coloration! The coin comes in a luxury case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage of only 555 pieces worldwide!

Step into the celestial realm with the BLUE MARBLE Glow in the Dark Planet Earth 5 Oz Silver Coin, a masterpiece that transcends traditional numismatics. Celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2024, this coin stands as a testament to extraordinary craftsmanship and innovation. The 5 oz Blue Marble is a trailblazer, having been awarded the prestigious Coin of the Year in 2021, and since its launch, all issues have been swiftly sold out, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to its allure.

This newest edition is a symphony of the five most successful Blue Marble techniques, showcasing a 5 oz coin that is not only a work of art but a technological marvel. The coin boasts an antique finish, 24k Gold plating, Rose Gold plating, green coloring, and Silver frosting, all meticulously applied to create a stunning visual tapestry. However, the crowning touch is the Glow in the Dark effect adorning the ocean, adding an ethereal glow that transforms this coin into a mesmerizing celestial orb when the lights dim.

Limited to just 555 pieces worldwide, this Blue Marble Glow in the Dark edition is a must-have for every collector seeking a unique and extraordinary addition to their collection. The rarity of this coin enhances its desirability, ensuring that it becomes a coveted piece among numismatists and enthusiasts alike. As a symbol of technological innovation and artistic brilliance, the Blue Marble 5 oz Silver Coin is not just a collector's item; it is a radiant celebration of Earth's beauty and the limitless possibilities of numismatic artistry.

  • Country: Barbados
  • Year: 2024
  • Face Value: 5 Dollars
  • Metal: Silver .999
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Size: 65 mm
  • Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Mintage: 555
  • Technique: Glow in the dark
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Collectibles & Fine Art
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Blue Marble Plantet
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