Limited Edition Star Wars Boba Fett .999 Silver Miniature Low COA # 0080

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Spectacular Limited Edition Silver Miniature of Boba Fett

We hope you love this next spectacular pure silver miniature for Boba Fett, one of the Star Wars galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters. He is one of the true Star Wars icons, a character who instantly connected with fans thanks to his undeniably cool look and attitude, and whose mystique only grew through the years. His iconic Mandalorian armor has become iconic, indeed some believe that there is no other costume that is as detailed and complicated!

All that striking detail, including the infamous dent in his helmet, has been captured by 3D master sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra. The miniature is crafted from a guaranteed minimum of 150g pure silver. Incorporating a menacing antique finish, it shows Boba in a fighting stance with his blaster at the ready!

Boba’s big-screen debut was in 1980’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™, in which he tracked down the Millennium Falcon™ for Darth Vader™, and later delivered Han Solo™, frozen in carbonite, to Jabba the Hutt™. For years, fans have wished for the character to come back; and more recently were thrilled to see him in The Mandalorian. With The Book of Boba Fett™ due to hit our screens soon, you can bet his popularity isn’t going to wane!

This spectacular figurine stands approx. 9cm tall and arrives inside a large Star Wars-themed case – the perfect package. With only 1000 casts being made; this will be a treasured collectible for any fan. A unique production number is engraved on the base of the miniature, along with the .999 silver purity and Lucasfilm copyright